Far Out Factory


An immersive art gallery built by local artists with a live electronic soundtrack.

What do you do when a cannabis company comes to you asking for an immersive experience to highlight their top brands? You throw a far out party in an abandoned warehouse. We invited top names in the electronic music industry, talented local DJs, and Denver-based artists to turn the entire space into an interactive art gallery with a hell of a soundtrack. Then we placed a bar in every corner, stocked with local craft beer and color changing cocktails, and placed a few food trucks in-between for good measure. Even in a blizzard, we packed the house with awestruck attendees.



Branding + Design

Putting a voice and face to your brand.

Experiential Marketing

Making a tangible splash.

Music Booking

Locking in beats and bands.

Event Management

Running a well oiled (event) machine.

Digital + Content Marketing

Finding the right megaphones.